Your Musical Vision, Our Musicians.

You got a great song idea. But you're just a singer? Or a guitar player? Wishing you had great sounding drums or a killer guitar solo on your new production? Don’t have the resources to finish that hit song your working on?

We can help! is a recording studio offering music recording services for solo artists, bands, and spoken word. Other services include film and television soundtracks, podcast themes and show recording, advertising jingles, and mobile location recording.

Our History

Rubber Room Productions owner and chief engineer, David Manheimer, has developed years of solid experience in the music industry as a performer, a composer, an engineer, and an independent producer.  Over the course of his career, he’s worked with such great musicians as The Beach Boys, Guns n’ Roses, Alice Cooper, and more, and has come alongside religious and non-profit groups in need of production help.

David Manheimer started Rubber Room Productions in January of 2001 as an alternative to the aging recording studio model. “I used to go into studios and worry about how much everything was costing me, with my eye always on the clock,” he stated. “I think I can do this better.”

David has come from a recording background. Starting as an engineer and later become a independent producer, he has worked with some of history’s great musicians. He has also done many productions for churches and religious organizations that have music for quick turnaround times or large production requirements. David is now at the helm of Rubber Room Productions and Through many requests through web and personal meetings, David has setup to help local and international artists and organizations complete their songs or recordings.