Your Musical Vision, Our Musicians.

You got a great song idea. But you're just a singer? Or a guitar player? Wishing you had great sounding drums or a killer guitar solo on your new production? Don’t have the resources to finish that hit song your working on?

We can help! is a recording studio offering music recording services for solo artists, bands, and spoken word. Other services include film and television soundtracks, podcast themes and show recording, advertising jingles, and mobile location recording.

Our Mission

Rejecting the old studio approach, where artists are often crippled by quickly-mounting hourly fees, CompleteMySong has launched a new paradigm to give today’s musician room to breathe.  David’s first studio rule:  “There is no time limit here.”  He believes that charging clients by the hour will impede creativity, cause debilitating budgeting issues, and stand in the way of getting a finished product to the audience on time.

Cutting-edge computer technology makes it possible to produce high-quality recordings with tremendous time-efficiency.  Using this technology, we are able to allow artists the freedom they need to make creative decisions and fine-tune their recordings.  And because much of the work is done digitally, we can serve musicians locally in our New Jersey studio or halfway around the world.

In the music field, we work with local bands, national bands, solo recording artists, and emerging artists as well as seasoned professionals. In an effort to promote their careers, all music artists at some point in their career will need to enter into a recording facility and record their music in a professional environment. can facilitate the novice or amateur by guiding the artist through the process. For the professional, can offer equipment and expertise not commonly found in the home recording studio for the professional artist to access.