Your Musical Vision, Our Musicians.

You got a great song idea. But you're just a singer? Or a guitar player? Wishing you had great sounding drums or a killer guitar solo on your new production? Don’t have the resources to finish that hit song your working on?

We can help! is a recording studio offering music recording services for solo artists, bands, and spoken word. Other services include film and television soundtracks, podcast themes and show recording, advertising jingles, and mobile location recording.

How It Works

You contact us by ordering online at, by giving us a call at (732) 497-2508, or by sending us an email at

Send us your song or project

We will call you as soon as we hear from you and request that you send us by email or mail a work-tape of your song and a copy of the lyrics.  This can be just you and a guitar or piano singing the melody or just you singing a cappella. You DON’T have to be a good singer; we just need to hear the song so that we can chart it for the musicians.

Then we schedule a pre-production meeting with you and the pre-production producer who will be charting your song and communicating unique ideas for the song to the musicians.

Once we get the work-tape we will choose a session date to record your song (we do one to two sessions every week) and send you a contract for you to read and electronically sign. Once we get your contract back, we will take your deposit (50% of total bill).  We take cash, check and all major credit cards including Paypal.  We can take non-cash payment over the phone.


Once we get your work-tape and lyrics, we will chart it, and the session leader (the musician charting your song) will give you a call and go over production ideas.  During the pre-production meeting, we’ll explore all possible options for your project with you and notate all of that on the chart. This step is very important, so please make sure to communicate ALL of your ideas to the session producer.

You will choose what vocalist you want to sing your song.  If you need help with this, we will suggest the vocalist(s) that we think would sound best.


We will track the main instruments of your song in the next available tracking session. This step is where all the elements of your song come together based on the pre-production meeting. If you require vocals to be added to your project, this is where your singer will come into the studio.  Sometimes singers aren’t available to sing the day of tracking, so we will schedule the vocals at the singer’s earliest convenience.


All of these raw element go to mix at this point. Once your song is mixed, we will send you the mixed track for you to review.  If you have any changes you would like to make to the mix, we remix it at no additional cost to you.


Once you are satisfied with your song, we collect the other half of your payment and send you a high-quality file of your song via CD in the mail or via our secure FTP server.

Included in every package:

  • Production mix to radio standards
  • An instrumental mix of your song(s) if needed
  • Copies of your finished CD (if needed)
  • Session files from your project

We do not time-limit or charge by the hour these types of sessions. It is our belief that creativity will flow with a healthy exchange of ideas. We can make changes to your project or song as needed (within reason). We will not be happy until you are happy with you finished project. We want all of our clients to be 100% satisfied with their projects. 

  • A 50% nonrefundable deposit is required at the time of booking sessions. 
  • Many services can be configured to meet the project you are looking to complete.
  • Discounted rates and custom packages are offered to nonprofit organizations and religious institutions.
  • You own 100% of the master rights to your song.
  • Rubber Room Productions will sign and give you a work-for-hire agreement.
  • Online collaboration is also included with every package, bringing you to the session remotely.